Wife uncomfortable when I do not buy a car

Until now, we lived in the same house without saying anything to each other. If I said anything, she would just shut up and stay with her children.

Today I read the article: Wife was annoyed when I left a kiss on her neck, found my situation a bit like the author. I am 29 years old, married for nearly 5 years. The day before, when I worked for a year, I got married, at that time she still studied for a master's degree, then studied abroad for another year in Japan. When my wife came back, we had a girl, I did not want her to go to work early, but that time, she got a good place because her friend recommended her to work. I work in a large foreign company, are very well rated, many dear colleagues. Her salary also increased, after 2 years was much higher than my salary.

I have always given almost all of my money to her, leaving only a little pocket money and petrol. In recent months my wife has started complaining about the tiring work, going home is the headache with the sound of the birds I raise, the relationship between husband and wife has also lessened. I felt that my wife was tired so I sent my grandparents to take care of some birds, so I did not have to do housework any more. I thought my wife would be less stressed, but increasingly cold, when eating or telling colleagues to buy this and that, my monthly salary also gave her 30 million. I went to work tired but I still tried to go back earlier to pick up my wife and children.

The peak was last month when my wife wanted to buy a car to go to work to help with the rain and the sun, I just told them to wait for my children to go to primary school and to buy to pick them up. My wife insisted on not listening and said that if she didn't buy it, she would buy it with her own money. Husband and wife loudly together. Because she was young, I did not tell her anymore. That night I went out to drink with my best friends and entered the entertainment net for a little while that my wife didn't open the door a little late. That said, I am not a reckless drinker, because I only go once in a while. Yet my wife came home to tell my parents that I was late drinking, and my parents-in-law reminded me quite sadly.

Sometimes my wife tells me that I will buy a car for them. My house is not far from your workplace, only about 4km. I say this is not sorry for her money but indeed I do not know how to do it now. Hope readers would give me advice and how much life is enough girls? Where am I wrong?