The whole youth dreamed about you so you could marry someone else

Seeing him kneel down to give gifts to his fiancée, when she looked normal, she was jealous again.

It's ridiculous, why did the news that you were about to get married came to me on October 20, the day the person was hosting the event, the flower gift, and the sisters draped their dresses to be honored. Looking at him fresh, masculine with his friends preparing to take pictures with the woman who was supposed to be you, strangely, I'm not happy at all. He wore a white groom-style shirt, looking at him so I wanted to rush straight to hug and hear his heart beat.

After a while of wandering, I found myself very selfish. I secretly liked you from the days of being a girl until 4 years of college, didn't dare confess, so that my life would make you lost me I'm now quiet home furniture, 2 children enough drab, husband love afternoon. I dreamed of you all your youth but left you lost to have your own happiness before you. I decided to spend my whole life to earn a living, build a small family with another man and have often forgotten him.

I realized the feelings of the youth were intense. We have never held hands, but sometimes I do not know you have dreamed about me for 5 years. Yet looking at him with another woman, those negative emotions reappeared in me. At the age of nine, I knew that feeling was temporary, I was glad I had an intense youth, glad that I had my own sky and I was happy. I also wish you happiness, heartfelt wishes!