Should parents disobey to buy a car when the house is not available

My husband and I will not repair anything, just wish to have a car to go back to leisure.

I am 29 years old, a construction engineer. 28-year-old wife, accounting. We have been married for 3 years, have a child of 22 months. The couple went to work about 100 km from each of their paternal grandparents' home, my son is sending me home Our salary is about 20 million VND per month, spending for our children, eating, traveling by motorbike, we have a surplus of about 10 million VND / month. We were staying at his uncle's house (he bought a house to live in and then settled abroad), had no rent, no debts, had over 300 million in account and a piece of land.

The child sent home, we go home every week; my wife had a lot of work, so we had to drive motorbike on Friday at the earliest, at about 8:30 pm, about 100km to Sunday afternoon to go to work. The wife's condition is not good, or her back pain, numbness in her arms and legs, recently we planned to buy a car of VND 400 million, borrow money from a bank of VND 100 million, pay off in two years, to travel. The wife and my father disagree, only my mother supports it. People say there's no house to buy a car. Rainy days, the sky was empty, the road was empty, but it was a highway but I was afraid to run through the fields. When my children came back home or went to the province, they all rented cars to drive by themselves.

I was very hesitant, should I buy or not. Car rearing problem in the province is very "strong", the house has a large yard, buy a car to choose the type of fuel saving, buy a new car but the old car is damaged without time to repair. I also considered selling the land plot just enough to buy the house, but the land potential there was high, and my grandparents said that if they were young, they would stay at home to rent or borrow houses. Now stuck in the middle I don't know what to do. Hope everyone share. I specifically mentioned it to let everyone know the circumstances of counseling and not bragging about anything.