It was only a few months that I had so many negative emotions when I got to know him

Not long back, he showed more and more heartlessness, making me cry alone a lot.

I am 31 years old, although I am not married but not impatient, partly because I believe in fate, the other part I am trying for work, after graduating from school for ten years but still not really stable. I have known a boyfriend who is younger than 2 years old, he was very sweet, gentle, cute at first, so I have a certain trust. Quickly absorbed in the intense emotions, I had sex with him not long after. Still talking to each other, but I realized he is not enthusiastic, can say very coldly when not interested in texting, and rarely met with busy reasons. I thought carefully and then tried to ask his mind. He said sorry for not seeing each other. I didn't ask for additional reasons, nor did I text or call even though I was so close because I decided to stop.

Then he searched for me after a few days of parting, tried to get acquainted, reconciled, somehow I agreed. He said he loved me but superficially, if I was angry, he was silent, the whole month without texting or meeting. Not only that, he was angry against me. I was bewildered, angry, and focused on my work. As he got used to forgetting him, he reappeared like nothing. Only a few months, I had so many negative emotions because I knew him but he did not understand, told him he was silent again, then waited for time for me to go down and make peace again. Every time it's like that, should I continue to know you?