I have a beautiful sadness

He is profound, knowledgeable and has many advantages, but our distance is never close.

I wrote an article on Dating of VnExpress and had a great friend. I'm just a little sad when among the choices I have made, I have the right lover. Before replying to the mail I had expected a different relationship in reality, but sadly. Anyway, he was honest with me, that moment I knew he would never belong to me so we made friends. I've never met such a suitable person.

After that we were no longer in touch, I was still following him. Today, I saw a plane with the words that reminded me of him. On the plane I reviewed the photos, the chatter I used to take screenshots, then looked out the window of the plane, at that time only a little sunset. One day, something fades away, just like the way he came and went. I went down to the airport, opened my phone to see the notice that I had posted a photo. I froze because it was a wedding photo, a bit sad but congratulate me anyway, please live happily with what you have chosen.