I did not feel the love of my boyfriend more than 11 years old

I do not feel the feelings of two people who love each other but just feel like he is older and needs someone to be with.

I am 33 years old, my boyfriend is 44 years old, we have known each other for more than a year but I still cannot determine if he loves me. Our dating stories are like everyone else, eating, walking, hanging out and traveling together. He is the one who pays all dating expenses. The things I needed to help him never refused. He brought me home to launch, everyone loves and supports them. The sex between you two is also quite good. Only problem I wonder is that he is very cold.

He never took the initiative to text or call me first. I always texted him to make an appointment. There are many times I do not want to contact, it must be 3-4 days after he texted to ask how are you, want to see you. I don't feel like you care about me very much. He is a smart, kind, good guy but I don't want to be with someone who doesn't love me. Please advise me readers should continue to find out current boyfriend or not. Thank you all so much.