I am uncomfortable taking care of my father

He left my 5 children and mother and worried for his happiness. If Mom didn't try, would my brothers and sisters have today?

My father was spoiled by his paternal grandparents, so when he got married, he only stayed home to do housework, and my mother took care of the family economy. During the day, she sells vegetables and evenings in the evening, she has to sell enough porridge to sell enough food to support her family's living. Parents living unhappy should divorce when having 4 children. I was born when my parents were divorced. Because of difficult circumstances, my mother had to earn a living from dawn to dusk, I bought a house and allowed my father to live together to take care of my children. Parents often quarrel over money and conflict. I was young, looking at my dad or drinking, my family was not good, I was very sad. Many times he quarreled with his father or smashed things, beat his mother, and decided to stop him from living in the same house. The day he left home, his mother gave him 30 million and a Japanese motorbike, this fortune of 20 years ago was not small.

My mother sent me to my father's house and my grandmother took care of me. Every month, mother sends her living expenses to her. My father stayed at home to help me with my business and took me to school, my three brothers are living with my mother. The money of 30 million dong was borrowed from the mother to get interest to make monthly living expenses. My childhood was quite sad when my family was not happy. When I was in grade 11, my father got a new wife. Unfortunately, my sick brother died a few years later, he was not married. Because of his sudden death, the property he left behind according to law of three and my mother inherited the same. When he was still alive, needing capital to do business, his mother pledged his property to him. When he was sick, his mother and she worried about him. Yet, he died less than 3 days after he asked for a share of the property and the house his mother promised him, it was his mother's house and his mother owned it. My father still got a share of his brother's land sales.

My mother is still there to support my siblings to study, to take care of my capital, to take care of my 3 brothers' wedding, to buy a house for each of them. Now mother is nearly 60 years old, carrying many diseases in her body due to the hard days. My two brothers lived in the countryside, I lived in Ho Chi Minh City with my husband. We love our mother very much, devotedly to her mother when she devoted her life to caring for her children.

My father also had a child with his second wife, and now my fourth brother in business in the countryside. He sends money to my father every month, and he spends the money to support his family. Every time he needs to buy a new car, he needs money for medical treatment ..., he asked me if I could contribute to help him, if I didn't pay, he would say this and that. I have played many times but always uncomfortable. I have a 3-year-old child, and my mother gives us a private home. I see Dad only takes care of himself and his own family. He should not take anything from the children of his oldest wife to support his young wife and stepchildren. I thought that was too selfish not everyone?