Husband said life can never forget the old

He always tries to live responsibly with me and doesn't want to ruin his family.

Recently I was confused to discover that my husband did not forget his former lover after many years. I met him 12 years ago at the company when he was a new employee. I got the task to help new colleagues. At the time, I knew he was struggling because his first love was broken. I helped him overcome that loneliness, initially just as colleagues, friends, then turned into love. I asked his sister, hearing that he and his ex were first love, passionately in love and then broke up because the other girl's family tried to divide, not accept. He put on a face and was beaten for grabbing her, eventually she accepted to get married. I used to suffer about this. For a while, I was curious to look at her profile and found her beautiful and successful.

My brother and I have been married for 8 years now, have two children. He loves his wife and children and is responsible for the family. Economically, we have everything. My husband doesn't drink or gamble, only that I can't accept the "dreamy nightmare" thing. I silently noticed and was stunned to hear that he secretly set another name for her phone number, occasionally asking questions about people's lives. More bitter when I discovered in the old messages, he also said that she is really the person he loves most, his whole life could not erase that image in his heart. Give me advice, should I say it bluntly to let my husband choose or be silent as if there is nothing to continue nurturing the family?