Husband and wife, brother, and wife all day asking for grandchildren

In the last 2 months, except for one or two trips back to my hometown, there is no weekend and my wife and I have a full day off.

My wife and I are the same age, both of us live in the same district, just married at the beginning of the year, life is generally okay. We are always emotional, happy, happy together. In the last 2 months, there has been a problem that makes me feel uncomfortable at times. They bought a house in Hanoi, and my wife and I rented accommodation about 5, 6 km away.

My wife and I have time to love each other for 7, 8 years to get married. When I went to college, my wife lived with my siblings, helped me with expensive meals outside, and helped me to look after my grandchildren. After finishing school, my wife moved out to stay at the inn because her family was small and far away from work. There is something very good about the couple and my wife to pick up children. There are 1-week periods thanks to 5, 6 days. During that time, many of the kids who planned to go somewhere to eat had to cancel because they went to pick him up. Once finished, I have to cook and cook for my child to wait for them to come home. There were also times when I was not very happy because I was canceled. My wife at that time said: "Before living in and around the place where you are helping, when you are busy, you will consider it as thanks." I also did not say anything more, thinking that later in life, the brothers and sisters would probably have less thanks.

Every weekend in Hanoi, my brothers and sisters asked me to pick up my child to take extra classes, so I look after them to let me go here and there. I did not feel very comfortable, but I only once told my wife that you asked me so much, and we did not have any private holidays. My wife kept seeing them all struggling so hard to leave everything to pick up and take him. Sometimes my wife doesn't care what I think, how I stay home alone in a wary room. My wife went over to my sibling's house to take care of my grand children, and my two good grand children had already done so. Sometimes when I was on holiday, I went to look after my wife but they did not let them lie. I only heard from my siblings when I went over over there, so I did not like it much except when I was at work. They teach their children in a way that sees them as the center of the universe, only kindergarten for them to transfer their children to school 3 times.

Today I came home from work and bought flowers and some gifts for my wife on October 20. The couple are very happy, we will watch movies together. After finishing my meal, I washed dishes and quickly washed clothes to go to the movies, my wife told me to ask her to take extra classes. I was so happy, I didn't say anything, I just took him home and went back to watch the movie. Yet it was almost 11 o'clock at night when his wife came back, what movie would it be again. When I came back, I was unhappy with the wife's idea, and told my second child to be sick, so they asked for help. Like other houses, I did not say anything but thanks every week, thanks to every weekend, but thanks to the welcome, I did not get any thanks.

Sometimes when I asked my wife if she was free, she told me that she did not reply. I told my wife that if a child is sick, then one of them goes to pick up, the one who stays at home to look after, the sick one leaves home to work and takes care of the child, his children born to him have to take care of them, otherwise do not give birth, all day long thanks and, if you're busy, hire a maid. Many times I didn't say anything, my wife went to pick me up even though I knew I was not happy. Before, my wife and I still agreed with each other that my wife's family did not interfere, my wife said that she would do the same thing in my house because each family has a different situation.

My work is quite busy, almost every night I work extra at the inn, the days when I plan to watch movies together are not many and I'm excited. On weekends, I want to rest, the couple walk around together, go to eat, go out, relax. Lately there have been no Sundays like this, sometimes I think miscellaneous that there will be times because of this argument and then divorce, until then who asks why I will tell divorce because I have to pick him up.