Each time my wife and I were close to me like we were blessed

Knowing my wife was uncomfortable but my emotions were welling up, so I worked on it. At that time, my wife was like a log, extremely bored.

I am 45 years old, my wife is 10 years younger than me, my family's economy is mainly paid for by me, from the cost of my two children to study, to understand Hy, diplomacy, main food, houses and land all created by me. . The wife goes to the office to buy clothes and buy groceries for dinner. In the morning, because of the road, I took my two children to school and picked them up in the afternoon. I didn't know how to cook, so I waited for my wife to cook, after I finished washing the dishes to clean the kitchen. Washing and cleaning the house is free, but I come back sooner than my wife, so I often do it. Only on Sundays, she voluntarily does everything, she wants to make up for the days of the week when she comes home late.

Such thoughts I make up for in sex, but I am very disappointed because every time I want to be close, my wife refuses or grimaces, annoys, makes me lose interest, so maybe a whole week of fasting. I repeatedly asked but his wife said nothing, just did not like. Who has misery like me?