Because of buying a house, the girlfriend said she needed to rethink the marriage

I'm more worried about you than worrying about yourself, not calculated, but you think that I will never yield to you.

I am from the Central region, 25 years old, I grew up in a normal farming family, my girlfriend is the same, my hometown is nearly 300 km apart, my girlfriend is 2 years older than me. We have known each other for over a year, returned to the family and prepared to get married early next year. We have watched the day, informing the families of the two sides at the end of this year will be the engagement ceremony.

From the time we knew each other, we often had conflicts but we all overcame because the problem was only different in the way of thinking, nothing too serious. I am doing my own business for more than 3 years, have a small company. Profit before hours is stable monthly at VND 50-60 million. Girlfriend working for a state agency, income of about 10 million / month. I didn't spend anything for myself, the car my parents bought for the time when students were still using them, clothes for a long time to buy new clothes, trying to accumulate money to look after the future. Recently, the girlfriend said that she wants to get married after getting married. At first, I also thought that because business money is not like savings, sometimes need capital to do business, if I buy a house, I have to pay more installments so the business will become difficult. Because of loving and understanding that women all need safety and stability, can't wait for me to start a career forever, I decided to buy a mortgage and both planned.

While looking to buy a house, both have different ideas, I want to buy a new apartment, or project so that I can raise prices later to buy better ones. Girlfriend wants to have a house immediately, accepting to buy an old house (the possibility of a price decrease after a few years). The point my girlfriend told me was how much she spent for the infinite future, not calculated for 5 or 10 years later. We had a conflict but then my girlfriend finally decided that I should buy a first phase house, on schedule.

Nothing happened until recently about to open the sale of apartments, two children review the location again, I discovered the evening the road is quite dangerous because of the large car, the deserted part, easy to steal. , the girlfriend ride is weak so I'm even more worried. I proposed to her whether or not to buy here anymore and moved to buy a house that is about to hand over closer (we have also stopped by to see it). My girlfriend got angry and said I did not take a position, changed constantly and reproach, evaluate me with colleagues. At that time, I was really angry and could not control my best friend, so I was a bit harsh. After a few days, I actively apologized, but my girlfriend told me to measure and calculate, never give up, need time to think about marriage.

Please add that my current business in recent months has encountered difficulties, girlfriends also know that, adding pressure to buy houses, weddings. I told my girlfriend I was stressed because of that. You said I didn't respect you. I am very comfortable with money, never calculate with you, go out before now is all I pay, you have some extra help but very few, I did not think anything. My sick and sick children are concerned about me, even though I feel I am more concerned about myself. When I was about to get married, I said I needed to think about it, I was really sad. Hope everyone suggestions, help me what to do next.