70 million debt burdened my shoulders

Part of the error is due to that batch, I was too overdose when I dared to take money from you to invest without having studied it thoroughly.

It is the last months of the year but my heart is full of anxiety and fatigue. I borrowed some money from my friend to invest, the profit was divided in half, which unfortunately made me lose that money. Seeing you worried and sad, I have promised to return it when parents sell the land. My house has a piece of land and I have a share in it.

One year the land is still there, now your family desperately needs the money invested with me in the previous year. I currently have only enough to live and do not have an abundance, more promises you should concern day and night. The amount is only about 70 million VND but it weighs me in the present time, now I need it urgently without knowing where to manage. Real estate has passed the fever, so it stays still. I don't dare to tell this to anyone because the people I know are just at the level of living, I don't want to burden or bother anyone.

This year I have not been able to work because of some personal reasons, next year I will go back to work, one to spare, two to protect myself at times like these. What should I do?