34 years old should I go far to start over

I do not want my parents to leave 300 million to take care of a job, want to apply for a job and go to Ho Chi Minh City to start a business.

I am a 34-year-old female, working on a contract at a hospital and preparing to serve a civil servant. If I pass, I will go back to the infirmary to work because the hospital has a shortage of human resources and will not recruit. The money my parents will take to help me get a job will be about 300 million. When I go to work, the month is only 3, 4 million only, including the direct money, in addition nothing else. Get the job in a stable state agency, leisurely work, up to months of pay.

I was in midwifery, college level, I was about to quit my job and then went to Ho Chi Minh City to start a business, start all over again, apply for a job and earn a living, not wanting my parents to spend that money on their own work. , my parents suffer because of me too much. Should I risk my life when I'm old? I have a 7-year-old son and grandparents to take care of him. On the weekends, I was free to visit my children, but the medical profession was hard and direct, especially I was working on a contract, work pressure, months of contract salary of only 2 million and a half. My husband went abroad but did not have any money and now our feelings are no more. I had to make a quick decision because the civil servant day was coming. Everyone please give me advice?