10 years I just vicious debt

10 years I went to work was the first 10 years in debt, so far I have not been able to buy my own motorbike.

I wrote this confession does not mean to advise anyone, only confided sadness only. My life to this point can be summed up as follows: Youth (student) is a dude, until a student began to degenerate, debt. When he went to work and got married, he was a bad man, cheated on the road, lied with his mouth, and had deep debts; five times seven newspapers; parents, siblings, children and children forgive, conceived, but still owe it now because "the horse is used to the old road". In addition, my wife is a wonderful woman. We knew each other when I was a very fresh and gentle first year student, then she waited 7 years until I finished college (2 years at home and 5 years to study abroad). Studied about me for a year and we came together, now there are 2 wonderful princesses.

Yet I do not know how to respect and preserve, so now standing in front of the divorce application I feel really bad. My family, my parents, my wife and my children have forgiven me so many times that I cannot stop debt. I found myself lacking in bravery, every time I came home to ask for help from my family to get rid of my debt, but I never dared to tell the truth of the debt, I kept hiding because I had too much debt, wanted to pay it myself and then owe more debt. So on 10 years is still a vicious cycle. I lost all faith in everyone, my body was seriously ill, like an unmanned boat floating on a river.