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3 years my brother just immersed in online stories

For my brother now, a meal of the day, a pack of cigarettes and a laptop is enough.

My brother is almost 40 years old, growing up in the context of family discord, he always had to handle many things because of "rice and rice money", encountered many failures in career and love. From a healthy, normal young man who is the main breadwinner in the family, over the past 3 years, he has become taciturn, quiet, refuses to go out to work, just hangs around the house, does not communicate with Who. Especially he was always depressed, no motivation and goals in life. I found him addicted to reading stories online, spending most of his day doing this.

At first, my family thought that his stay at home, not working was due to frustration and also because of his family responsibilities. However, the expressions of depression, pessimism, anger with relatives, reluctance to interact with the outside and almost immersed in his long-running internet stories have lasted for more than 3 years. After investigating, I knew he had severe depression. My family cares more and talks to him more, creates opportunities, and advises him to go out to work, to meet friends ... There are things that he is afraid of difficulties, is extremely difficult and important that he could not find. Motivation to make money.

My brother now lives in the countryside with his parents. My parents were very worried about him, but there is little information about this disease here, and my parents are less psychological, so even though he is sad and helpless with him, they do not dare to scold, just endure. contained. I worry that this situation will last longer and will lead to unfortunate consequences. Only I did not know how to say so that he could understand his condition and accept treatment.

Hope experts, readers, people who have relatives encounter this situation advice to help my brother soon regain the spirit and joy in life. Thank you!


Psychological consultant Phong Nguyen suggests:

Dear friend!

Reading the story you shared, I felt your anxiety about your brother's situation and you were eager to find a way to help him. You want your brother to understand your condition and accept treatment. However, based on the information you provide, the identification of a friend with depression should not be directly diagnosed by professional people, so that the correct way to intervene. Currently, according to you share, he does not have the need to go out to meet strangers, low social interest, no motivation in life. In the opinion of the psychotherapist, the client's motivation to visit the therapist contributes greatly to the final effect. So whether you or your family has forced you to seek the help of a doctor or a psychologist is not necessarily a positive result.

I encourage you to do it to positively impact your brother, so that he can feel comfortable sharing with his sibling. Being close to him can be an advantage, but if you are far away, it is entirely possible through current means of communication. Don't rush to mention to him what you think. Just talk normally, inquire about your daily life. If you know your brother loves to read stories, you can tell him about the stories you are reading, interact with him more. The purpose of all these actions is firstly to help him gradually get in the habit of sharing his hobbies and thoughts freely; The second will shorten the time you spend alone with a laptop, increasing the interaction time in a day.

This stage may take a long time, nor is it easy for you. The most important thing is that relatives around you should not rush to advise, urge, or force him to immediately communicate with many people, find work, take medicine or see a doctor. This will make him more and more self-deprecating and withdrawn because he thinks that people around him are thinking that he has a problem, while he completely feels very normal with the present life.

I hope that you and your family will accompany you through this difficult time. When he can be more comfortable with his friends, you should subtly mention that the two brothers will talk to the therapist and always insist that the brothers will accompany each other. I hope you will give your brother the patience and step by step with him slowly but effectively. I believe you always have enough interest and love for your brother. Wishing you and your brother will always be peaceful.
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I did not feel the love of my boyfriend more than 11 years old

I do not feel the feelings of two people who love each other but just feel like he is older and needs someone to be with.

I am 33 years old, my boyfriend is 44 years old, we have known each other for more than a year but I still cannot determine if he loves me. Our dating stories are like everyone else, eating, walking, hanging out and traveling together. He is the one who pays all dating expenses. The things I needed to help him never refused. He brought me home to launch, everyone loves and supports them. The sex between you two is also quite good. Only problem I wonder is that he is very cold.

He never took the initiative to text or call me first. I always texted him to make an appointment. There are many times I do not want to contact, it must be 3-4 days after he texted to ask how are you, want to see you. I don't feel like you care about me very much. He is a smart, kind, good guy but I don't want to be with someone who doesn't love me. Please advise me readers should continue to find out current boyfriend or not. Thank you all so much.

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Wife uncomfortable when I do not buy a car

Until now, we lived in the same house without saying anything to each other. If I said anything, she would just shut up and stay with her children.

Today I read the article: Wife was annoyed when I left a kiss on her neck, found my situation a bit like the author. I am 29 years old, married for nearly 5 years. The day before, when I worked for a year, I got married, at that time she still studied for a master's degree, then studied abroad for another year in Japan. When my wife came back, we had a girl, I did not want her to go to work early, but that time, she got a good place because her friend recommended her to work. I work in a large foreign company, are very well rated, many dear colleagues. Her salary also increased, after 2 years was much higher than my salary.

I have always given almost all of my money to her, leaving only a little pocket money and petrol. In recent months my wife has started complaining about the tiring work, going home is the headache with the sound of the birds I raise, the relationship between husband and wife has also lessened. I felt that my wife was tired so I sent my grandparents to take care of some birds, so I did not have to do housework any more. I thought my wife would be less stressed, but increasingly cold, when eating or telling colleagues to buy this and that, my monthly salary also gave her 30 million. I went to work tired but I still tried to go back earlier to pick up my wife and children.

The peak was last month when my wife wanted to buy a car to go to work to help with the rain and the sun, I just told them to wait for my children to go to primary school and to buy to pick them up. My wife insisted on not listening and said that if she didn't buy it, she would buy it with her own money. Husband and wife loudly together. Because she was young, I did not tell her anymore. That night I went out to drink with my best friends and entered the entertainment net for a little while that my wife didn't open the door a little late. That said, I am not a reckless drinker, because I only go once in a while. Yet my wife came home to tell my parents that I was late drinking, and my parents-in-law reminded me quite sadly.

Sometimes my wife tells me that I will buy a car for them. My house is not far from your workplace, only about 4km. I say this is not sorry for her money but indeed I do not know how to do it now. Hope readers would give me advice and how much life is enough girls? Where am I wrong?

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Each time my wife and I were close to me like we were blessed

Knowing my wife was uncomfortable but my emotions were welling up, so I worked on it. At that time, my wife was like a log, extremely bored.

I am 45 years old, my wife is 10 years younger than me, my family's economy is mainly paid for by me, from the cost of my two children to study, to understand Hy, diplomacy, main food, houses and land all created by me. . The wife goes to the office to buy clothes and buy groceries for dinner. In the morning, because of the road, I took my two children to school and picked them up in the afternoon. I didn't know how to cook, so I waited for my wife to cook, after I finished washing the dishes to clean the kitchen. Washing and cleaning the house is free, but I come back sooner than my wife, so I often do it. Only on Sundays, she voluntarily does everything, she wants to make up for the days of the week when she comes home late.

Such thoughts I make up for in sex, but I am very disappointed because every time I want to be close, my wife refuses or grimaces, annoys, makes me lose interest, so maybe a whole week of fasting. I repeatedly asked but his wife said nothing, just did not like. Who has misery like me?

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70 million debt burdened my shoulders

Part of the error is due to that batch, I was too overdose when I dared to take money from you to invest without having studied it thoroughly.

It is the last months of the year but my heart is full of anxiety and fatigue. I borrowed some money from my friend to invest, the profit was divided in half, which unfortunately made me lose that money. Seeing you worried and sad, I have promised to return it when parents sell the land. My house has a piece of land and I have a share in it.

One year the land is still there, now your family desperately needs the money invested with me in the previous year. I currently have only enough to live and do not have an abundance, more promises you should concern day and night. The amount is only about 70 million VND but it weighs me in the present time, now I need it urgently without knowing where to manage. Real estate has passed the fever, so it stays still. I don't dare to tell this to anyone because the people I know are just at the level of living, I don't want to burden or bother anyone.

This year I have not been able to work because of some personal reasons, next year I will go back to work, one to spare, two to protect myself at times like these. What should I do?

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It was only a few months that I had so many negative emotions when I got to know him

Not long back, he showed more and more heartlessness, making me cry alone a lot.

I am 31 years old, although I am not married but not impatient, partly because I believe in fate, the other part I am trying for work, after graduating from school for ten years but still not really stable. I have known a boyfriend who is younger than 2 years old, he was very sweet, gentle, cute at first, so I have a certain trust. Quickly absorbed in the intense emotions, I had sex with him not long after. Still talking to each other, but I realized he is not enthusiastic, can say very coldly when not interested in texting, and rarely met with busy reasons. I thought carefully and then tried to ask his mind. He said sorry for not seeing each other. I didn't ask for additional reasons, nor did I text or call even though I was so close because I decided to stop.

Then he searched for me after a few days of parting, tried to get acquainted, reconciled, somehow I agreed. He said he loved me but superficially, if I was angry, he was silent, the whole month without texting or meeting. Not only that, he was angry against me. I was bewildered, angry, and focused on my work. As he got used to forgetting him, he reappeared like nothing. Only a few months, I had so many negative emotions because I knew him but he did not understand, told him he was silent again, then waited for time for me to go down and make peace again. Every time it's like that, should I continue to know you?

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Girlfriend pregnant that we can not marry

I brought her back to debut when the two families disagreed and strongly opposed it.

I am 23 years old, living in Hanoi. My girlfriend is 6 years older than me, from Thanh Hoa and has a 4-year-old girl but never married. Although more than 6 years old, but my girlfriend looked younger than me, and I was older before my age, I didn't see much difference. We love each other for half a year, intending to have a baby and then go to marriage. Now my girlfriend is 3 weeks pregnant, we can't get married or get married and we can't be together like that. What should I do, looking forward to receiving the suggestions of everyone.

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